Monday, August 27, 2007
After thinking about my last post I did want to come back and clarify one thing.
I hope no one takes my thoughts on the current war in Iraq as to mean that I do not support our troops to the fullest extent and respect each and every one of them in the decision to join the military and their bravery.
My father was in the Air Force and my father- in-law was in the Navy during WWII.In fact he was one of the first soldiers to step in Hiroshima after we dropped the Atomic Bomb. I also have close friends that have son's that have enlisted within the last year. These are some of the most courageous and determined young men I know who have volunteered to risk their young lives for our country. Who have enlisted knowing full well that they will eventually be deployed to Iraq. Young, bright men who just a few months age were cheering at high school football games, picking out dates and tuxedos for Prom night and proudly accepting their diplomas in caps and gowns. Young men who had college and a future close to home at the top of their lists. They chose instead a very different path. A path that makes their parents proud and afraid, supportive and fearful. I want each and every Congressman and Senator and President to know what precious and irreplaceable souls and spirits and futures and lives that are being put into their care. It seems many have forgotten that a life, a Mom and Dad, a son or daughter, a wife, best friend, the future of America is who each one of those numbers represent , who they are and what can be taken away in an instant.What a one minute blurb on TV or a line in a newspaper truly represents. I hope every decision made to send one of them into harms way is the right decision, the only choice and they never forget the dreams and aspirations that they are in charge of.


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