Monday, August 27, 2007
OK, so now I am back into the blog world and I have up dated you on my summer of hell. Now that was just what was happening within my own house. But what is going on in the world this summer , let's see.................

Nicole, Lindsay,Paris really I am sure to your immediate family and friends and a few misguided fans they want a daily or hourly update, but for the rest of us I say.
I can sorta see the interest in Lindsay Lohan-She was a wholesome and successful child actress and my daughter watches "The Parent Trap" weekly. So her quick descent into drugs, drinking and the wrong side of the law is surprising but not shocking. So much potential wasted.
But Nicole, really the only thing you have done was to have a famous and wealthy indulgent father and propel anorexia once again on the top of teenage girls "to Do List"
Shame on You!
And do not get me started on Paris Hilton. What in the world has she done that is so worthy of so much expensive air and print time.
I'm gonna say it. SHE IS UGLY, I have never seem a picture where she even comes close to cute. She doesn't act(no her stupidity is not a act and her porn video doesn't count), she doesn't sing.The only contribution to society I see her make is in the form of Shopping and then she is spending dear old Grand Dad's money. Not her Dad's or hers, but a generation back.
Let me not leave out Brittany.I missed the weather forecast the day Hell was reported to have froze over, because the fact that KFed, her ex, is the responsible, normal and most qualified parent of the two was not something anyone would have predicted.
Oh for the days when she was just a gyrating teen in a catholic school uniform.
Thank you God and Disney for Hannah Montana. And High School Musical1,2,,,,,3 and 4???
I am so glad my daughter has a normal looking, acting and talking group of celebrities to try and emulate. And that ole Achy Brakey Billy Ray Cyrus is still pretty easy on the eyes.

Iraq- Woe is us and Woe is the U.S.
It bothers me that in our newspaper the reports of deaths of our military soldiers is relegated to pages 5,6 and 7.(yes, those girls above mentioned usually get a notation on page 2.)
When did Paris and Brittany's crotch shots become more newsworthy than the deaths of our soldiers in a War most of us didn't want, in a place we should have never been in and can't seem to either win or get out of. I think most Americans have sadly gone on to other things in their thoughts and actions. We have either given up, grown weary, grown complacent or are still confused. We can't trust or believe in our president, those in the military are giving very different opinions and observations. Meanwhile we are loosing lives each day and we have to dig into the paper deeply or rewind the sound bite on the TV to hear mention of the quagmire we are in. This morning on the "Today Show" they report that since 9/11 and our quest for Bin Laden(remember he was the guy responsible, not Saddam, NOT Iraq) we have "maybe""possibly""might have" "almost" been near where he "could have" been once in 2003 but not before or since. This 6'5" Afghan who is the one responsible for the 9/11 attacks and most probably planning another we have NO CLUE where he is. Why are we not after him? Why are we warring with Iraq? I read an article this past week where military recruitment is down(DUH) and that some in Congress are bouncing around reinstating the draft.Maybe that will finally get this country off it's A*** and demand a government by and for the people, a government we trust and believe in and institute change.
In the deep dark recesses of my soul, I give a prayer of Thanks that my autistic son will never have to face a draft decision and I don't have to pack our bags for Canada. But I have nephews and sons of friends that I am very afraid for them. I had so hoped that the end of the summer would find us with answers and a clear plan and weeks or even days passing with no deaths reported. Maybe by Christmas.
So now I have unloaded the two issues that have continually pushed my buttons this summer.
Two issues that have made me thankful that my kiddos are still in the Elementary set and oblivious to this crazy world that is swirling around them.
They still think Mom and Dad are the only swirling masses they have to be concerned about.


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