Thursday, February 08, 2007
The More Things Change....................
On the Russian adoption web board that I participate in, a recent thread was about all the things as Mom's we could not live with out in our daily lives.
Here are some of the must haves-
Baby Wipes
Tide to Go Pen
Mr.Clean Eraser
DVD Player in the Car
Zip Lock Bags
Sippy Cups
Washable Marker's
Mother's Day Out
Pay at the Pump Gas
Matchbox Cars
Disposible Diapers
Juice Boxes
Digital Camera's
Eggo Waffles
Diet Drinks
Microwave Popcorn
Debit cards
and my favorite two that were posted a lot were
and a Cold one at the end of the day!

This got me to thinking about my Mom and How did she do it. How did any of our mother's do it?
Cloth diapers alone would have ended it for me. I threw quite a few pairs of toddler panties away rather than scrape the poop out. Occasionally I will pop popcorn on the top of the stove like we did in the old days. This totally excites my kids. They think I am some magical chef to be able to do it without a microwave. Still the microwave reigns supreme.
How did my Mom, heat baby food and bottles and leftovers?
How were we not on the bottle until age 6 without Spill Proof sippy cups and juice boxes?
And I know my two would never make it on just 3 TV channels and no remote.
My daughter cannot even wrap her brain around no DVD's or Video tapes when I was growing up. And quite frankly I would not want her (Or me ) to experience that. At age 5 she can work the DVR recorder on the satellite receiver and knows that to get a new movie from NetFlix by the weekend , you gotta mail the old one in on Monday or Tuesday.
Kids these days stare in horror when we tell them that when we rode in the car it was the radio and the window for entertainment. No DVD player, no Ipod, No Nintendo or Game Boy. There must have been a lot of crazed families emerging from those station wagons after long car trips.
We went camping every summer and fall growing up.
Propane stoves and kerosene lanterns.
Canvas Cots or just a sleeping bag on the ground.
Campfire provided heat at night.
We have carried on the tradition of camping with our kids. They still get the same things out of it that we did. It's the same, Yet different.
I call it City Camping. Oh, we go to the same campgrounds in Tennessee or Georgia. We sleep in a tent, build a campfire,makes smores,tell scary stories,use communal bathrooms. That is where the similarity ends.
We are plugged in. Literally.
Electric stove top, Toaster Oven, Coffee Maker, heater and fan, small TV w/built in DVD player and game connections, waffle iron.
We sleep on Queen Size Pillow Top Air Mattresses blown up with an electric AIr Pump and made up with pillows and sheets and blankets.
Childhood-The Same but Different.
I can't wait to see my kids as parents and telling their children about how rough they had it as a child. I can also just imagine my grandchildren's faces when I tell them about the really old days when I was a child.
Maybe I can add the walked a mile to school in the snow.
That one always works.


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