Monday, January 01, 2007
Jan. 1,2007
Happy New Year to All!

We said goodbye to 2006 in grand fashion here at home. With family, friends and lots of food and fireworks.
The kids stayed up until well past midnight and then got up at 7am to have breakfast with my cousin and her family on their way back home to Miami. In fact, my sister and her family made the early morning breakfast also and I cannot think of a more fitting way to start the new year.
I have not seen my cousin in about 4 years and it was so great to be able to spend the evening with her. Although it was a short visit, we are able to reconnect and cover a lot of ground in a few hours. It reminded me that is what is so great about family. The way you are always connected no matter how much time as gone by since you have seen each other or talked. Our blood and all of the times we spent together growing up at our Grandparent's house is a bond never to be broken. Last night caused me to add another resolution to my list. To make a bigger effort to plan times for my two to spend with their cousins. Even though growing up, we always lived a state or two away from our relatives, my parents made sure that our visits were frequent and long enough to forge a connection between us. No road trip too far to undertake in the name of family. I still can't pass by a green Ford Station Wagon without tearing up. My two are fortunate that all of their first cousins live within 15 minutes of us, so I have no excuse not to make sure their time together is frequent. No matter the friends I still have from childhood, team mates, classmates and high school clique, it is my family and cousins that have remained the most constant, most dependable and with whom I feel the closest bond.I want that for my children also. It is one of the most important and meaningful things my parents taught us.
I feel a good old fashioned Family Reunion in the making.......
Today was a great day. After returning from breakfast and cleaning up all the fireworks trash, we had a nice lazy family day. Football and a nice fire in the fireplace. Kids played outside and inside with minimal fuss. I read up on our upcoming trip to Disney and my husband contemplated who would be the next University of Alabama football coach. Which here in our state is more important than who will be the next president.
After a good old southern meal of Black Eyed Peas, Mustard Greens and Cornbread, everyone is sacked out but me. A satisfying way to start the new year.
A year I hope brings more peace to the world.
A year I hope my children don't grow up quite as much as they did last year.
A year I hope goes by slowly and gently and wonderfully simple.
For you.
And for us.


Blogger On Our Way said...

Happy New Year 2007 to you! SO true about the family bonds. My cousin has a New Year's breakfast for the fam. It is nice. Oops, this year we were all together for Christmas we didn't do the breakfast. Here's to next year's. Thanks for sharing. You're NOLA friend. :)

Blogger Suz said...

Oh I know what you mean about wishing they didn't grow so quickly! I've told D I'm going to put a pile of books on her head to keep her from growing any taller!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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