Thursday, August 23, 2007
Back in the Saddle
Yes, it seems like my blogging follows the school schedule. After a summer off with the kids, I am back to pondering the meaning of life or what it doesn't mean in some cases.
I hope everyone had a great summer. Better than mine anyway.
This was not the best summer I have ever had.
Let me make a long story short,well kinda short in a War and Peace kinda way and recap what roads I have traversed since my last post.
May 17-School year ends.YEAH, kids and I both were so ready. The last 3 weeks I had to literally ( not figuratively) drag, cajole and force my son on the bus each morning to school.
Memorial weekend we depart on our long awaited camping trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee.
We love to camp, tent camping the way I did growing up. This year we added a few family members to the trip. By a few I mean 10 other people, my extended family, for 5 days. They all rented 3 cabins, we tent camped and were the designated kitchen and gathering spot.
5 days later we came home.
3 of us not speaking to 2 others.
Many lessons learned that trip.
Mainly, in the future it will be best for the 4 of us to camp with,well the 4 of us.
Nough said.

We ease into lazy days of sleeping in, going swimming and usual slothfulness.My husband and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on the 12th.
The next week I get what seems like a 48 hour Flu that morphs into a cough. When my husband finally forces me to the doctor after a few days of a high fever, I am told I have Pneumonia, DOUBLE Pneumonia. I take the prescribed Z pack, Mucinex, drink lots of water and rest.
Yes, that's a pipe dream.
Relax when you are in charge of 2 kids, a dog , a cat, 8 fish, 2 hermit crabs and a house 24/7.
Did you know you can actually cough to the point that you have the bladder control of an elderly woman that has birth 20 kids ?
Adds a little something extra to the whole experience. I perfected the quick cross legged Kegal exercise cough stance. June passes and still the cough lingers.
Still coughing, feel fine-sound like a 10 pack a day smoker. Really attractive.
My daughter looses 2 teeth, my son 2 teeth. One of which propels him into our bedroom at 10:30 at night, blood everywhere, screaming that he's scared and trying to stuff his upper front tooth back into his gum. Now mind you this is the 4th tooth he has lost with barely a recognition to those. Takes us an hour to calm him down.
Mid to late July, I am still coughing and my husband casually mentions a time or two that his vision seems a little blurry.Must be time for an eye exam and glasses update.
Last week of July my husband finally go to the eye doctor. Who sends him to a Retina Specialist.
Who sends him to a doctor at Eye Foundation Hospital. Who thinks he may have had a stroke. Who sends him for an MRI. Then to a neurologist.All of this in 2 days. Never has the medical world done so much so fast ever. All of this with me having to drive and with our two precious angels in tow. Me still having the occasional cough a thon.After tossing and turning all night wondering how I was going to deal with an Autistic son and a blind husband,we find out no stroke, he has what is called Optic Neuritis.An inflammation of the Optic nerve and causes (temporary or permanent) vision loss , blurring and peripheral vision loss. Can also be an early sign of Multiple Sclerosis. I am almost wishing it had been a micro stroke.
They give him masses doses of steroids-24 doses in 3 days and tell us to wait and see.
A lovely wait since the side effect causes severe headache, lethargy and increase appetite.
Also wonderful timing since we left a few days later for a week at the beach.
Me driving. I hate to drive. My husband hates to ride with me driving.
All in all we have a great time at the beach. Perfect weather and an incredible condo.
Kids have a blast, Dad relaxes, Mom catches it all on film....cough lingering on.
Mom drives home, Dad getting used to having a chauffeur.
Buy school supplies, meet the teachers, School starts Aug.9.
LOVE my son's teacher,which is always a new school year issue for him. But this year I am so happy, so that's a great start. My daughter's teacher is the 1st grade half teacher of her Flex class last year so we already knew her. She's kinda rigid and not too free with the "Thata Girls" but we will tough it out. Still a cough every now and then. Husbands Eyes Improve.
Second week of school.Kids doing good, I am feeling like my old self finally, husband getting used to small visual impairment. I get some new contacts and can ditch the reading glasses.
Husband mentions he must have pulled a muscle in his shoulder unloading the car after our vacation.OK OK so I pack a heavy suitcase.
A few days later, after the his shoulder pain gets markedly worse and I am secretly thinking, is this what happens when you turn 50 and finally stop smoking, all bodily hell breaks loose.
He develops a rash, goes to the Doctor. Shingles. Yes, shingles, a mainly old peoples malady.
Also, interestingly brought on by large doses of steroids.
He moans and groans and takes Valtrex.
Yes, the Valtrex of those commercials with the hunky guy and gorgeous girl who look like they have never even had a zit ,talking about genitial herpes. I apply Calamine lotion and pray no one we know saw him getting THAT prescription filled at Walmart.
So here we are, 3 weeks in to August and 2 weeks into the new school year.
Shingles gone, vision improving, Cough down to once a day.
Life is good. No wait, Dear husband now has a nasty cold.
Woe is me.
SO that is a few reasons why blogging was last on my proverbial To Do List.
I realize how much I missed it. I hope at least one of you missed it too.
Is anyone still out there????
I hope the rest of you had a nice relaxing trauma and sickness free summer.
See ya tomorrow


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