Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Happy Valentine's Day
So after signing, folding, taping on candy for 18 x 2 classes at school for my two little cupids, I signed on this morning to read some wonderful news. My web friend in adoption and her husband are in Russia on their second trip to adopt their beautiful new daughter. She surprised us all by announcing that this morning they had been to court and their adoption was finalized. How wonderful to have Valentine's Day as the Birthday of your family. I am so happy for her and her husband but especially for this darling little girl whose life is about to change so exponentially into love, warm hugs, constant attention and a future that she can't even imagine.
And the wonderful world of magic of being a Mommy and a Daddy that her new parents have just jumped into will be a joy to read about in the coming months.

My husband and I used to really "do" Valentine's Day.
Before Kids.
Flowers, Candle lite expensive restaurants, one too many glasses of the bubbly, then home to jacuzzi bubble baths and ...........well you get the picture.
AHHHHHH the memories.

Now its, how many valentines do I need to buy for school, what school snack have I been assigned to send and what can I cook for dinner so that it's not just another day at the ranch.
Yesterday my daughter brought me flowers.
She had taken her special vase outside, picked my just bloomed daffodils and some pansies. She had the yellow and orange flowers arranged on the outside and the purple pansies in the center. She had carefully and artfully made the arrangement and added just the right amount of water. I could see in her eyes, when she brought them to me with trembling hands, pride, worry about having picked my flowers and love.
OK, it made me cry.
All I saw was the love- my beautiful daughter, out of the blue, taking such time and effort to show me how much she loved me in such a simple way. I, of course, hugged and kissed and thanked her as if I had just won an Oscar and we set them in a place of honor.
I believe that was the best Valentine's Day present ever.
It's all about LOVE and in my house we feel it 365 days a year.
Feb.14 is nothing special.
Well, unless your 6 year old brings you flowers.

So tonight, we have a reservation for a family of four at a very exclusive , one table restaurant.
We won't have to get dressed up or drive.
And pets are welcome
We will have white table cloth and candles.
We will share some bubbly.
The menu will be steak and french fires and Chicken nuggets.
I think I will make some cupcakes for my children.
Something sinfully chocolate for Mommy and Daddy.
I'll even let them drink some Sprite out of my good wine glasses.

We should be finished just in time for "Deal or No Deal"

The Perfect Valentine's Celebration
Honoring Love
Love for each other
Love for our family

And loving that it did not involve shaving my legs, panty hose ,high heels or a babysitter.
It just involved LOVE.


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Sounds like the best Valentine's Day ever. Have fun!

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