Thursday, February 22, 2007
Is it Summer Yet,?
It must be spring fever. I find myself lately counting up how many school days left before summer vacation. And I think I am the only Mom around here that thinks this way. When I made the statement around some other Moms that I could not wait until school was out, they looked at me sorta like I just sprouted a new head. I can tell my kids are also getting a bit weary of the school year. Ok, they are only in kindergarten and 2nd grade and have a lot of school years ahead of them (and me) but we LOVE our time off. Am I an aberration of the species of mothers that I actually enjoy having mine around all day? I can get that part of homeschoolers. Make our own schedule, our own school hours, more field trips and vacation whenever we wanted. OK, maybe I would not be a good homeschool Mom.I doubt our school year would last 9 months. I'd be good for about 6 months/4 hours a day. But I am beginning to see the reasons why some choose this route. School now starts in early August. What's up with that? No fall break, shorter holidays. Is there more to learn now than when I was in school. I learned to read the same words and books, did the same math, the same history, the same science. Ok, we didn't have computer class, but we did have art and music and library and P.E. And every week it seems I am sending money for this program or that T Shirt or a reading fund-raiser or a field trip or PTO Friday Tattoos or Ice cream day in the lunchroom. And don't think you can just say No. All the kids are getting tattoos or ice cream, so you can't in good conscience single your child out to make a fiscal stand. Or when the teacher sends a note saying that ALL the children will be wearing the TShirt on such and such day and again you will not choose to make a stand at your child's expense. It's school supported and peer mandated extortion. Free education, what a concept. And it's not a matter of the amount of money for us but I think about the families that a dollar here and ten dollars there does make a difference. How do they feel when they can't cough up the money. What does it do to their self esteem, peer standings and how is this part of No Child Left Behind mindset?Are they the only kid without the matching T Shirt?
Maybe I am just being too critical or too focused on this lately.
I Love our school and the teachers and students and I know that compared to other schools in our area, we are getting hit less for incidental money than the others.
There is no other school I would put my kids in and they have been phenomenal with services, attention and individual help for my special son.
I think that all this is just my readiness for the end of school.
Spring Break is in a few week and a fantastic thing is happening that week.
My bestest girlfriend from New Jersey is coming to visit. She is bringing her two sons and her newly adopted daughter from China who I have not yet met. To say we are excited is an understatement. We met in Russia while we were each adopting our first sons. The bond was instant, deep and took us both by surprise. I am sure we seem the odd couple, the Rebel and the Yank. North meets South. But inside we share the same mind, soul and outlook on life. She gets me and my life like no one else. We are like twins separated somewhere in Heaven (Or Hell somedays) before being sent to earth.
This will be their first trip south. I think her kids think their visit "South" is akin to visiting a foreign country. Her son asked did we by chance have McDonald's here. I think they are worried about what kind of food they are going to have to eat down here.
She once asked me what was it with southerners and beans.
She thinks Fried Okra is some kinda fish.
And she has never met a grit.
I am thinking of ways I can freak them out while they are here. But I can understand. We visited them a few years ago in New Jersey. And it did have aspects of treading on foreign soil. So I guess my school weariness could be a combo of spring fever and anticipation of their trip. I feel very honored she is taking on an airplane flight without her dear husband along and with an 8, 6 and 1 year old in tow. That is true friendship and I do not think anyone in my life has ever gone to such lengths to spend time with me. And on top of all that it is not even their spring break, so she is taking the two oldest out of school for the occasion.
Another caveat to having a long distance friend come visit.
The Honey Do list gets done and I really have a spark in me to CLEAN HOUSE.
I mean really clean. God Forbid she sees how we really live. HA!
So only 25 days until she gets here .
And then after her visit only 60 and 1/2 days until summer vacation.
I hope I can make it.
When I break it down like that it seems like a light at the end of the tunnel.
A light that is sleeping late, trips to the park or the pool or the beach or the backyard or camping.
No plans or lots of plans.
Spur of the moment or carefully plotted.
And over all too soon.
I remember when August meant you still had 1/3rd of your summer left.
AHHH, the good ole days.
So when my kids are looking weary of school and I am all dollared out, I can honestly tell them
"I feel your Pain",
Boy, do I feel your pain.
Not that it does any good , but I feel it.
Or maybe that's just my bursitis and tendinitis acting up.


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