Thursday, August 07, 2008
Back in the Saddle Again
Well, the summer has flown by.
Ok, I know this is just the beginning of August.
But today was the first day of school.
So for Mom's, this day means the end of summer vacation.
It is crazy though, to be starting school in the midst of the hottest part of the year.
Yeah, Back in my day you started school after Labor Day.
The Good Ole Days.
Last week I was so not ready for school to start. Translation: I wasn't ready to have to get up at 6:30 each morning. My kids are great sleepers and it would not be unusual to find us all 3 still asleep at 9am during the summer.
This week, with it just too hot to be outside, they were bouncing off the walls.
I then was so ready for school to start.
This morning my daughter bounded out of bed and into her new school clothes in a flash.
Her fingernails polished pale green to match her outfit.
She was eager to show off her new short hairdo to her friends.
She rushed and hurried Dad so they could be at school as soon as the doors opened at 7:30.
My son.........................OHHHHHHHHHH my son.
He woke up fine and watched cartoons and ate breakfast.
He picked out his clothes and opted for his old tennis shoes instead of his new cool Sperry's.
But when he realized that all this primping and prepping meant school.
Katie-Bar the Door!
It is suffice to say he was just not into it.
He cried and stomped around and looked for things to throw outside for 30 minutes.
I tried to redirect by mentioning our upcoming trip to Disney. NOT INTERESTED!
I tried the upcoming hometown festival this weekend with bands and firworks. NOT INTERESTED!
So I turned a deaf NOT INTERESTED ear and read the paper while sitting outside waiting on the bus.
He stomped up the driveway and got on the bus. I am just glad I could not read his mind.
I returned inside sweaty and stressed and feeling successful and crappy at the same time.
It may be hot flashes and premenopausal hormones.
Or just typical first day of school stuff.
Especially when you have a special child who would just as soon never see the inside of a school again and be very happy and occasionally I agree with him.
And then, as I sat on bed and watched Matt Lauer reporting from China about the upcoming Olympics,
it hit me.
It was quiet, peaceful.
TOO QUIET and too peaceful.
Maybe I wasn't so ready after all.
Then my Mom and Dad called up and offered to take me to lunch.
A lunch that did not involve ketchup or play areas or a drive thru window.
I am not ashamed that perked me up. And picked me up too.
It reminded me of my blessings.
The blessing that I get to be at home everyday with my two.
My blessing in my great husband who thinks I do the hardest job in the world by being at home.
That in the summer we are together literally 24/7.
And that with a clear conscious I can enjoy those 7 hours they are at school.
And that I can also count the minutes until I can go sit in the car line .
And I can freely admit I cannot wait to hear about their day and
let them know that I missed them.
One day down.
179 to Go.


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