Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Better late than Never

Ok, So I've missed a few months(4 to be exact) since my last post. Sorry and I am back.

So let's see what you've missed-


Great Christmas-we did really well in bringing down the Santa Booty a notch and bringing up the quota of fun and making traditions.
But Santa ( i gnoring Mrs. Claus' veto) brought the kiddos a new puppy.
He was a 3 month old Bichon Frise and I can admit the look on their faces were worth the over ride of my better senses.
I keep telling myself that every time he chews my shoes, sleeps on top of the dining room table, eats the cat food and is generally a white fluffy nuisance.
We named him Nick after
St. Nike -obvious
Nike Saban-obvious to anyone in the state of Alabama
St. Nikolaus-The patron saint of Russia-understood by those that know us.
Our 13 year old poodle is trying to stay dignified in the way he is handling this loud, wild child that we have brought in to ruin his retirement years.


- Husband turned 52 and daughter turned 7.
Completed the addition of two rooms upstairs in what was formerly the attic/storage space.
We put a den and a playroom up there and I reclaimed the sunroom as my scrapbooking/Mom space.
Note to self-If you build a house, do this from the beginning.
My Step dad retired and they made plans to move from North Alabama to here in Springville.


- Son turned 9 and he is getting close to being as tall as me. OK that isn't really that tall for a grown women but for a 9 year old its impressive.
Parents found a house that was about half completed, loved it and bought it.
I am so excited about them being close by. 6 minutes exactly.


My bestest friends from New Jersey came down for spring break. We met them while in Russia in 1999 and immediately connected. We manage to see each other about every year.
They have 2 sons adopted from Russia and a daughter from China. We had a great week with the 4 adults and 5 kids. Took them on a road trip to Chattanooga. We had not taken our kids there so it was new to everyone. My hubby and I remember going as kids, which I think is mandatory for every kid growing up in Alabama.
We did the cave at Ruby Falls-loved it.
We walked the paths at Rock City-loved it.
Spent the night at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel- DO it once
Went to the Tennessee Aquarium-This was fantastic and everyone needs to go there. I am sure we will go back.
The most fun was the road trip in the 12 passenger van we rented to drive that week. We felt like the Partridge family. In am always so sad when they leave and she and I are always conspiring for them to move closer. The newest possibility is Abilene Texas. OK its only 2 hours closer but I think a lower cost of living and more open space for them.
Having her live so far away is one of those little jokes God plays on us every now and then.
Thank goodness for snail mail, email and free long distance calling.

Well my parents closed on their house and we are now traveling up there and helping them back.
OH MY GOODNESS- My step dad saves everything. Now you may think you can relate, but I mean everything. I found his wisdom teeth that were pulled when he was 15 (He is now 70)
Every box, tin or container anything ever arrived, shipped or was given to him holding an object. I kid you not.
Medicine that was 14 years out of date.
Canned veggies 10 years out of date.
More coffee mugs than a waffle house could hold
Every rubber band, paper clip, pen, pencil and unidentified object that every passed his threshold.
7 pairs of Golf shoes.........
8 sets of dishes and crystal stemware and silver service that could host a reception for the Queen
More books on every imaginable subject from Civil War History-Southern Etiquette-Murders of the Century-OJ Simpson-Troy Simms Pecan cookbook-Medical Self help and on and on and on

And to think I never even made it to any closets. And their house is always neat as a pin and spacious. Who all this lingered just out of sight.
I told him that Dr. Phil had an episode about people like him.I don't think he got the joke.

So as May approaches and only 16 days of school left , I am contemplating this past year. Like many Moms, I consider a year from Aug. ,when school starts to May when it ends. The summer months are a nice hiatus from it all.
My daughter has grown so much, lost her top front teeth and has asked when can she buy a bra.
My son has made great improvements in speech and really in all areas. And grown from a size 7 jean to a 10S.

Well, I hope this gets me back in the swing, if there are any readers left out there.
I have much to rant and rave and wax poetic about. And don't get me started on politics.
Well, at least not until my next post.
To myself-Welcome Back
I missed Me


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Girl....so glad to hear from you!! I've been wondering about you....glad all is well. Sounds like an eventful year so far! Still waiting for our coffee outing....

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