Thursday, May 15, 2008
Many Mothers
So, this past Sunday was Mother's Day.
But it is really more complicated then that isn't it.
My first obligation is to my own Mother.
Luckily on Saturday evening we throwing a 70th birthday party for my Step father, so I got to spend the time with Mom. They are also moving into a new house near us and this made shopping for her easy for a change. My sis and brother and I went in together and bought them new patio furniture for the new house for Birthday/Mother's Day.
So that was one marked off the list.
Now I am also a Daughter-In-Law and my Mother in Law's birthday is also the same week.
We went on Friday night to honor her for these two occasions.
Number two off the list.
So for the first time in my 9 years of being a Mom,
Mother's Day was actually about me.
I did not have to go anywhere at all.
I was treated as the Queen I am (OK aspire to be)
and my Royal subjects fetched and feted me.
I had given my daughter the requested want list.
I had bought steaks, wine etc. for my Mother's Day meal.
But my dear Hubby did do the shopping from my want list.
And he did do all the cooking and cleaning up after for our lunch.
But the most amazing thing occurred after all of this.
My husband and my kids allowed me to go lay in my hammock, under my favorite tree for
to read and nap!
That was the best gift ever and
it drove my kids crazy!
Then I decided that I wanted to veg out on the couch and watch a movie.
This is another rare thing during the daylight hours.
And they let me.
I casually mentioned to my 7 year old as she was passing through
that a movie is just not complete without some popcorn and a Coke.
She fervently went to the kitchen and a few minutes later she ever so proudly delivered
My popcorn, buttered and salted as I like in my favorite bowl and a nice icy glass of the Real Thing.
She did every step by herself.
Her face and smile was bursting with pride that she could do this for me.
I learned a big Mothering lesson in an instant.
We all know that part of the definition of being a Mother is loving and looking after our children.
Pretty much waiting on them hand and food and providing all the comforts they may need.
And I take much pride and pleasure out of doing this.
Most of the time
I now see that my kids need and crave that same pride and pleasure in taking care of me too.
Not just cleaning up their rooms or putting their clothes in the laundry.
Not just taking their plates to the sink or putting their bikes in the garage.
But actually doing something
I could tell in the way she soaked up my Thanks for what she did
I could tell in the way she asked me later if she did a good job
I could tell by the way she was proud to have done a task that I would usually have done
Now I know that there will be two ways I will teach my daughter how to be a good Mom.
First, by being the best Mom to her I can be.
and I believe just as importantly
Letting her mother me on occasion.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers
and future mothers we are raising.


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