Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Only if you are as old as me do you remember being at KMart and hearing"Attention Shoppers Our Blue Special Right now is....." and everyone would rush to the blue flashing light as if men's underwear or Ant Spray or a case of Odor Eaters was the very thing on the top of your shopping list. Or not. Didn't matter if it was ON SALE!
I had never been to much of a shopper. I debunked the urban legend that all women just love to shop. Once in the spring, again in the fall, Christmas and a few birthdays pretty much fulfilled my inner shopping beast.The exception being grocery shopping, I have always (and still do) love to go grocery shopping. I think I inherited that gene from my Dad. My mom and my sister would be most happy if they had never set foot even once in a grocery store. For me and my Dad it was the highlight of our week. I still feel euphoric the night before grocery day as I make out my list and plan a week of meals. Probably because I love to cook and do just about every night, even when it was just the two of us.
But once I became a mom something in me changed or evolved maybe. Not for myself, but for my kids. If it was something I thought they needed, wanted or would be deprived without there was nothing I wouldn't do to obtain it. Now I have never gone beyond budget or sacrificed mortgage or power bill money and I have never believed just because you could afford something was permission to buy it. I am also not an impulse buyer, just the opposite.
A contemplative purchaser.
Enter EBAY! I think I heard trumpets just by typing in the name. EBAY!!!!!!!
I LOVE EBAY. I am sure there will soon be an Ebay 12 step program.
I sold each of my children's crib sets when they moved to a real bed.
My son's cute ZOO theme collection is now warming the bed of a little boy in Wisconsin.
My daughters Pink and Yellow Girly Stuff has made dreaming more sweet for a baby girl in Florida.
I have perfected my last minute fight to the death of the time clock bidding technique.
Never have sweeter words been uttered to me than
The Auction had ended. YOU are the winning BIDDER!
Ebay has brought me every Holiday Barbie from 2000( The year my daughter was conceived in Russia) up through 2005, the current one .
A multitude of Gymboree clothes NWT, new with tags for you uninitiated to ebay speak. And of course 50% off retail.
My son loves school buses. So it was my duty as his mother to find and purchase every type of toy school bus out there. From the continental Unites States up to Canada and across the ocean to the United Kingdom, I have found those buses. My reward is not in winning the bid, the joy of finding it on the cheap as a Buy It Now or even in the arrival of the package. It is seeing my son play with them ever single day. And in finding the same one again when I ran over it with my car.
Fisher Price play sets were the same.When I noticed how much he loved them and played with them year after year what kind of mom would I have been if I hadn't spent the next three months knocking out collectors and bringing to my UPS and Fed Ex guy the vintage Hospital and school house, castle and all the pieces and people to complete his world of make believe.
RED DOG .....My son has a red dog he has slept with every night since we brought him home 7 years ago.
Red Rover Beanie Buddy circa 1999 to be exact.
When we were in Russia meeting our daughter and he was staying with my sister, her poodle attacked Red dog. He lost an ear and part of a paw. Once home I dutifully repaired it and began to have nightmares about losing it. So in the dead of night I found myself up and in glow of my computer screen buying another one on Ebay. Now he sleeps with Red dog 1 and Red dog 2. Last year in another panic I went ahead and bought Red dog 3. Just in case, Ya never know. Red Dog 1 has lost an eye and a nose, most of his beanies and been restuffed with old pantyhose. Red dog 2 has also lost a nose and gone to surgery once or twice for hole repairs. My son still loves Red dog 1 the most. Red dog 3 is living in my closet, pristine in his original packaging. We may never need him. Never say Never.
My daughter has never been attached to a stuffy or a softie. But she will, in a heart beat issue a demand that I peruse Ebay for a certain movie, or computer game or hair bow. And she can tell you every outfit in her closet that came via an Ebay victory.
The computer and the internet have made my life as a mother so much easier. I buy toys, clothes, lawn mower and dish washer parts and pistachios. I pay all my bills on it. I cyber test drove cars before we made our last purchase. I have researched information about my son's PDD-NOS and coached families I will never meet through adoptions and those first few months home.
I have planned many a vacation in quiet of midnight. Culling through all the must sees and must do's so my family will have the best possible time.
I have checked us into airport for flights long before we even arrive at the terminal.
Right now I am basking in the aftermath of having completed planning our trip to Walt Disney World in January. Made the perfect hotel reservations and the most suitable restaurant Advanced Dining Reservations. I know the menus at all the table and counter service places and all of our snack options. I have a list of all the rides my two munchkins are too short to ride and the ones my son may not feel the magic on. Our daily schedule has been printed and laminated, making sure we hit those early and late Magic Hour Times.
I have ordered Circus and Disney on Ice tickets, Front Row Center.
My collection of Russian lacquerware that I began on our three adoption trips has been greatly expanded thanks to my cyber sleuthing.
All while wearing my pajamas.
So maybe I have always been a shopper. It was the "going" part I avoided.
I just had to wait for technology to catch up.
And as I always tell my husband,
"Honey,Look how much money I saved you"


Blogger MMrussianadoption said...

I hate grocery shopping. Would you do mine too? lol

We just got a crib and feeding table on ebay. We sold our Jets tickets on ebay too.

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