Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Who Dat Preteen in My House???
Thumbnails of the past weeks and some Random thoughts.

Feb.3rd was my son’s birthday, he turned 11. He played hooky from school and spent it with me It was his choice on what to do. I am not really sure what other 11 year old boy’s would have picked.
Maybe to see the latest blockbuster movie. Or have a few peeps over for marathon Wii games or all night PS3 challenges.. Maybe a rousing game of Laser Tag or Go Carts. I am sure many preteens have on their birthday lists the hot jeans from Buckle or Abercrombie shirts. Maybe a few 11 year old girls thrown in too.
My son also had his wish list for the day. He wanted to go to the Big Mall and ride the tall glass elevator more than once, catch some solo treks up and down the escalator and eat Chicken Fingers and Fries while sitting by the carousel. To complete his day he wanted a birthday cake decorated like a basketball court, some presents and a few family members. Not too many and not too loud.
Maybe that does not sound much like a celebratory day, but to him it was “King for A Day”! He pretty much gets to be the Prince every day. Only those that have had the pleasure of meeting my son can envision his delight in such ordinary antics. Another milestone in our lives, just like every other child, different and yet the same. Although his Daddy could not be there in body, he was there in spirit. Or rather cyber spirit. He would texted comments to be about the pics he was receiving. I documented our day by snapping pics on my phone (Our new phones……………) and posting them on Facebook through out the day. (Facebook, or FaceCrack or CrackBook, words for another day).
This year find myself wondering if this will be the last year of his innocence. I mean, the pure child like innocence that possesses his spirit. The sheer thrill he gets out of some many everyday moments that so many of us just see right through. Will this be the year that he really starts to mature, notice that he is different in ways he cannot explain? Will new emotions start to surface?
Ok, that was ENOUGH thinking about all that….
In the mean time, I will continue to be daily mesmerized by this child whose imagination and high octane life force are giving me the ride of my life.

Filed our Income Taxes. Always do it online with one of those Tax programs. We have done the taxes ourselves for as long as we have been married. But you still get that little cringe in your gut when you hit that send button that shoots it off to the IRS. Even if you have all the receipts, and check it over and over, used the Audit Check and everything is computed AOK. You still get a sick feeling when you do press that button.


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Kim, it sounds like your DS enjoyed his birthday. How cool of you to let him have it just how he wanted.

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